Love it, hate it, couldn’t care more or less.

I’m at that point where I can’t decide to do with my hair. Keep growing it, or cut it off? Keep dyeing it, or grow it out? The natural part is so soft, but it gets oily fast. The bleached part is so dry, but it styles easier. The colours are so high maintenance, but I LOVE THEM SO.

Anytime I begin to consider calling my stylist to make an appointment, even just for a trim, I get started on a train of thought like the one above, decide on nothing, and leave it.

I wish there were some deeper metaphor here today, but there isn’t. Hair. It’s a thing I deal with. I like it to work in my favour with minimal effort. It’s one of those constant mundane decisions, sometimes vexing, sometimes joyful.

But I love the fact that right now, I can care and not care about my hair at the same time with roughly the same effect. It’s a faded pastel that I can throw a quick tinted conditioner into over lunch hour if I want a spot of brightness. I can wash it in cold water to preserve it or just go warm if I don’t feel like suffering. I love all the fun of aesthetics, but can’t be bothered with the work, time, or money right now.

So this weekend I made the perfect accessory for my quick ‘n dirty lazy femme look of the fall (and probably the winter): this hat.

photo 1 copy

Aside from sleeping and bathing, it hasn’t left my head. It’s a sumptuous merino, alpaca, and silk blend that is warm and cozy but lightweight. It can be a slouchy cap or, with the brim folded over, a tidy little beanie. It’s got bold cables, it’s got delicate cables, and it’s got eyelets. It was tons of fun and relatively fast to knit. It fits. It’s black. I love it.

And in my warm-headed world, the only decision left is what to do with that sprig of pinkish-purple shooting out the side. Plain pony or braid? I can handle that.

photo (1)

NaBloPoMo November 2014


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