Where have I been?

I realized last week that I hadn’t logged into this site in what felt like forever. Really, it’s only been all of 2015, but that isn’t too much (yet).

The truth is that I’ve been writing more than ever, and immersed in other people’s writing as well, just not here. I took on the role of Arts & Culture editor at the Uniter, and it’s been a pretty exciting and intense few months. I’m working with a really strong group of staff writers, and some awesome volunteers as well. Of course, there are a few of my own pieces are finding their way into the mix, but most of my time is spent providing guidance in the pre-writing phase and feedback after.

I had some lofty ideas about being able to continue writing for the weekly yeah write challenges, but lo, that fell right off the edge of my desk. I do miss the community, the support, and the inspiration over in that little corner of the internet and hope to return soon.

But for the end of March – the last few weeks of the production schedule – are most likely going to be single-focused full steam ahead work weeks. I’m thankful that even though writing and editing is very clearly in the realm of daily work now, I haven’t lost the thrill or the joy in it. I’m still just as driven and inspired to hone my craft, and feel a particular specific delight in working with a gem of a piece from my writers. At the moment, that work and inspiration just hasn’t found its way over here.

But I’ll be back, and soon.



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